Cooking a steak

Do not you love eating steak? Would not you like it more if you can cook it yourself at any time and eat it? And that is the main reason why you bought a grill, only to discover that the steak that grill and the steak you eat in a bar or rest do not have the same flavor. Cooking a steak may sound easy, but cooking it the perfect way is not an easy job!
If you know the tips, I’m pretty sure you’ll be grilling an excellent steak in no time. So, without further ado, let’s start by preparing the necessary ingredients and materials. Then I’ll show you the steps on the grill of a steak.

1. Obtain a cut of meat that is ¼ to 1 � inch thick. The meat should be thick because it allows you to get a steak on the grill with a crispy brown on the outside and pink in the center. And if you have a thinner steak, there is a risk of cooking it too much. So remember, the thicker the cut, the better.

2. Season the meat with salt and ground pepper for at least 40 minutes before cooking on the grill or it could even take up to several days. Do not season your meat just before it is about to roast, especially in regard to salt, since salt absorbs moisture from the meat. That is to say, if you give salt to the meat just before cooking it, it tends to make the meat less juicy. It is ideal to let the salt settle first on the meat before grilling it immediately. In addition, the longer the salt sits on the meat, the more tender the flesh becomes and the more moisture it will have. A season of one night is fine, it is too long and we do not want to end up ruining our flesh now.

3. And since we prefer that the salt settle in the meat for a while, usually during the night, we should put it refrigerated during the night so that the meat does not spoil. But almost similar to seasoning your meat, you should not roast the meat when it is fresh out of the refrigerator. You should also give it some time to rest and leave it at room temperature for a few minutes so you can cook it more evenly. If you cook it directly from the ref, there are still some cold parts in the meat that will cause uneven cooking of the meat. So be sure to leave it at room temperature first for a few minutes before grilling it.

4. For a better flavor, using a hardwood charcoal is ideal as a fuel when grilled, as this gives the meat a smoky flavor. You can still use a gas grill, but it may lack a smoky flavor. But we can solve it easily by using a smoker box that we can easily find to pair with our gas grills. This allows the gas grills to easily achieve smoked flavor.

5. Start roasting your steak. We will cook the meat with indirect fire, so be sure to place it in the cold parts of the grill. This allows you to cook it in indirect heat for longer periods and let it develop a pleasant crust slowly on the outside, while allowing it to be juicier inside. If you still lack the crust, if you feel that the meat is almost ready, quickly place the meat over direct heat to obtain the golden crust. That is the only time to submit it to direct heat, because if you cook it with direct heat from the beginning, let the meat cook quickly, extract the juice and leave the meat with a crunchy but still crunchy side inside. It is not good at all.
6. Turn the meat over frequently while cooking it over low heat to help cook it evenly. Use a spatula or tong when doing. Do not use tools that have a sharp tip like hairpins because if you end up pricking the meat while it is still hot and cooking, pour its juice.

7. If you are new to cooking steak, it is okay to use a thermometer. Use a thermometer to tell when you finished cooking. After all, getting the right temperature makes you more defined in your flesh. Maybe if you’ve been cooking a steak for quite some time, even with just pressing the meat with your finger, you’ll be able to tell its temperature. Do it with caution, so do not burn yourself. This is a good guide to tell the state of your meat:
• 120 � F (48.8 � C) = Rare
• 130 � F (54.4 � C) = rare medium
• 140 � F (60 � C) = Medium
• 150 � F (65.5 � C) = Medium well
• 160 � F (71.1 � C) = Well done
8. Let your meat rise quickly by about 15 degrees Fahrenheit before it reaches its ideal temperature and should not take more than one or two minutes on each side.
9. After roasting the steak, remove it from the grill and let it rest for a while. Do not cut the meat immediately because the muscle fibers on the outside are still relatively tight after roasting and really hot. The juice is concentrated in this part, so when you cut it, the juices will spill.

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